25 October 10:00 - 17:00Klustret Ekskäret

Welcome to a one-day introduction to working with the body through deep listening and tracking of the felt sense.

Developing this presence brings us back to the body, grounding our concepts and interpretations in a concrete experiencing of the human being. It frees us from the reliance on what is explicit, concepts, clients story our assumptions by offering access to the level of implicit experience. This is a useful sensitivity to enhance your skills as a person, therapist, activist, supervisor, mediator or coach.  

The workshop is experiential, based on the practice of Focusing, with a teaching component with handouts, respectful to each persons’ style of engagement. 

✨ Free online zoom taster on 14th October 19.00-20.00. You are invited to attend this session as an introduction to the tutor and for questions about the day. Link:

Frank Bock [UKCP, EAP registered] Focusing Oriented Existential Psychotherapist has been working in private practice for 14 years. An experienced supervisor as well as a teacher. He is a certifying coordinator of the International Focusing Institute. His practice centres around the work of Gene Gendlin’s understanding of felt sense as something that can be brought to any encounter and specifically towards developing interoception and affect regulation. He is a tutor on the two year Focusing Oriented therapy training in the UK. His work is informed by Somatic Experiencing (SE) assisting on this training in the UK for the past six years as well as Neuro Affective Developmental Psychology. He is also a senior lecturer at Uniarts in Stockholm, teaching in the area of the relationship between language and body.

The practicalities

Time: 25 October 10:00 - 17:00

Location: "The arena" at Ekskäret Klustret
Birger Jarlsgatan 58, Stockholm.

There will be coffee and tea. Lunch is not included. 

Feel free to wear comfortable clothes.


Frank Bock,


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